What Will Happen At My Child’s First Visit?


A full dental check-up, X-rays, or just taking a quick look at teeth and filling out some paperwork? This is another common question that we’d like to explain. When it comes down to it, we are here to make the experience calm, comfortable, happy, and healthy!

What happens at the first dental visit? What if my child cries? Sometimes being in a new place is exciting, but also scary! We’re here to help. Your child is welcome to bring a stuffed animal, toy, or blankie with them to make them feel more comfortable. We also have TVs and other modes of distraction to help your child feel at home.

First, we need medical and dental history. When you come in for the first time, we will have you arrive early for paperwork to get to know your child’s medical and dental history. We would also like to know of any concerns with their oral health.

Next, the assistant or hygienist cleans your child’s teeth. One of our staff will clean your child’s teeth. We use fun toothpaste flavors and often use a fun themed toothbrush!

After that, we gently floss your child’s teeth and then fluoride varnish is usually applied at the end of the cleaning. Your child ends up with sparkly clean teeth!

Lastly, the dentist arrives. Once the dental assistant has completed the cleaning, the dentist will meet you. He will complete an exam as well as talk about a few things like dental hygiene and dietary habits. Once he’s finished, your child will receive a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a new toy to bring home!